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Mellif Battery Impact Wrench for Makita Battery 18 V

Original price €29,99 - Original price €29,99
Original price
€29,99 - €29,99
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  • Compatibility: Mellif battery impact wrench fits Makita battery 18 V such as BL1815, BL1830, BL1850, etc. You can use your battery to the full extent if you have already owned a Makita battery (battery not included)
  • Powerful motor: The cordless screwdriver has a brushless motor. Compared to conventional carbon brush motors, the brushless motor offers you better performance and increased endurance
  • 20 torque settings & 2-speed transmission: The impact wrench battery has 20 torque settings and a 2-speed gearbox (400RPM/1680RPM) so that the screwdriver adjusts the work in different materials
  • 1/4 inch drill bit & 50 N.m: The impact wrench is with a 1/4 inch drill, which fits most screws on the market. The torque reaches up to 50 N.m, which saves time on work such as installation, DIY, etc. in everyday life
  • LED light and shackle buckle: The brushless screwdriver has an LED lamp that can give you light in the dark and guarantees safety. Thanks to the belt buckle, you can hang the cordless screwdriver on your belt

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