Modify Dewalt Battery generator: 18V to 120v Battery Inverter Power station

Is there a way I can GET POWERED WITH my 20v battery Dewalt?

Input voltage: 14.4V-21V

Output Power supply: 200W, Peak 400W

AC Output: 110V 

DC output: USB 5V 2.1A

Modified Sine Wave – 200 watts of continuous usage with 400 surge watts for optimal power using modified sine waves for
sensitive electronics; charge your laptops, tablets, cellphones, kindles, and game consoles to lights, speakers, TVs, cameras,
drones, and more

Perfect for Home or Travel – Ultra-compact and lightweight travel size is ideal for work trips, jobsites, camping, tailgating,
vacations, long car rides, and home for emergency backup power or where outlets are scarce

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